In the field of wind farm planning so far a multitude of wind farms in various sizes were planned and implemented. For a majority of projects expert’s reports and studies were rendered as follows:

Wind yield calculations and reports ca. 2.100 projects
Sound / shadow cast calculations and reports ca. 580 projects
Environmental compatibility studies and landscape protection plans ca. 70 projects
Infrastructural planning / farm drafts ca. 320 projects
Permission planning, support during the process ca. 98 projects
Construction management (up to the turn-key construction) ca. 35 projects


PLANkon is member of the FGW, BWE and accredited on wind yield reports, solar yield reports, determination of reference yield as well as determination of site quality.


Wind farm Wolgast : 17 WEA Enercon E-40 and 1 WEA Enercon E-66
(near Usedom) Initial operation August 1997
Technical planning and construction processing by PLANkon
Largest wind farm in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the time of initial operation in August 1997

In the field of truss planning so far a multitude of objects were planned, ranging from
smaller accommodation units, apartment houses and schools up to administration
and industrial buildings. Projects in the fields of new buildings and restorations as
well as re-constructions and extensions were carried out, e. g.:

– New and re-construction of one-family-houses

– New construction of one-family-houses in wooden frame technique

– New construction of administrational buildings

– New and re-construction of multi-family-houses with up to 8 accommodation units
with underground parking

– Conversion of a multi-family-house into a school building

– New construction of a large hotel facility

– New construction of agricultural buildings

– Extension of a trade school center

– New construction, reconstruction and extension of DIY stores


Remedial department of the FWS Oldenburg
Conversion of a dwelling house into part of the school
Completion in 1999-2000
Truss planning carried out by PLANkon

In the field of solar planning, yield reports were rendered for a multitude of projects ranging
from open land systems and single-family houses up to roof systems of mega watt
classifications like e. g.:

– Open land systems up to 5 MW

– Roof systems up to 2 MW

– Systems on agricultural buildings

– biaxial tracking systems

PLANkon is member of the DGS and accredited for the rendering of yield reports for
photovoltaic systems.