Wind Energy

One of the main fields of activity of the engineering office PLANkon is the planning, support and implementation of wind energy projects.

For planners of wind energy projects we provide profound advice and extensive know-how in all phases of the project planning and implementation, from the preliminary planning up to the ready to use construction. As an accredited testing laboratory we elaborate for you wind yield reports and determination of site quality according to the EEG (Renewable Energies Act) as well as reports on permitted turbulences for WTGs and determination of reference yield on WTGs.

We offer and render for you:

  • Preliminary studies
  • Advice
  • Calculations
  • Expert’s reports
  • Permission to build planning
  • Implementations planning
  • Tendering and placing
  • Construction management and supervision

In detail we offer the following services for the planning and implementation of wind power stations and wind farms:

– Preliminary studies for the determination of potential locations in consideration of all decision- and permission-relevant concerns

– Calculations of and expert’s reports on the wind yields on the locations for various types of machines and farm configurations, optimizing of theinstallation arrangement

– Implementation, support and evaluation of wind measurements

– Accredited calculations of yield reports and reports on site quality
in accordance with EEG and TR6

– Accredited calculations to determine the reference yield for wind
power stations in accordance with TR5

– Calculations and reports on the location-specific environment
turbulence with three dimensional current model

– Calculations and reports on the total turbulences for WEA due to
post-arccurrent turbulences in accordance with DIBt regulation and
IEC 61400

– Calculations and reports on emerging sound stress for the

– Calculations and reports on the emerging strains due to cast

– Calculations and reports on the impact on the landscape (e. g.
according to NOHL) and ecological balance of the area, landscape
preservation plans (LBP) environmental compatibility studies (UVS)

– Preparation of visibility analyses (where in the surrounding area are
the plantsvisible)

– Preparation of visualizations (photomontage with computerized, to-scale
presentation regarding distance and height of the wind power plants)

– Planning and design of individual plants and farm configurations
(analog § 51-58HOAI) including infrastructures like cabling and access

– Preparation of all documents relevant for permissions in accordance with
theprovisions of the respective building regulations (drafter certification

– Preparation of service records and tendering documents for the obtain-
ment and placement of offers, participation in the placement

– Construction management and supervision until the ready to use delivery
of theobject, auditing etc. (analog § 57 HOAI)

– Participation in the acceptance process of the constructed objects

– Calculation with regards to the profitability und amortization of wind power

All calculations are computerized and carried out with the tried and tested software of renowned manufacturers. All planning documents are created in the desired and required sizes and measures with CAD. All expert’s reports are rendered to the best knowledge and conscience in accordance with the currently applicable regulations and state-of-the-art.